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Modern Works for Accordion by Japanese Composers

by Toru Katou

The remarks column contains the name of the group or the publisher which owns the rights to the score.
BARCH (Germany/Sun. (Suntory Music Foundation, Japan) / Moeck (Germany)/
Man. (Manuscript & ltnot published & gt) / Huss. (Stefan Hussong; Germany)


(Surname, Given Name)
1979Hosokawa, ToshiyukiMelodiaGermany
1980Tanaka, M.Aya no ItoMan.
1980Suhara, M.RuscelloMan.
1982Takahashi, YujiIns TalMan.
1983Suhara, M.Capriccio PastoraleMan.
1984Fujita, M.SternenbahnenBARCH
1985Takahashi, YujiLike a Water BuffaloMan.
1987Ishii, MakiTango Prism op.73Moeck
1988Hayashi, HikaruEine Biene fliegt uber die MeeresengeSun.
1988Tubono, K.Der gebrochene
1991Miyake, HarunaDer katalob Der LandschaftenMan.
1993Yuasa, JojiKokuhMan.


(Surname, Given Name)
1979Suhara, M.Sinfonia Concertante(acc & orch).
1984Hosokawa, ToshiyukiHajah(acc & orch)Man.
? Hosokawa, ToshiyukiIn die Tiefe der Zeit(acc, 'cello, str. orch.)Schott


(Surname, Given Name)
1990Miyake, HarunaPoem Harmonika(mundharm., acc.)Man.
1981Ichiyanagi, ToshiBevor die Nacht kommt(piano, acc.)BARCH
1983Ishii, MakiLost Sounds II op.33b(acc., tape)Man.
1985Yoshimatsu T.Forgetful Angel III(mundharm., acc.)Man.
1986Suhara, M.Meditazione(mundharm., acc.)Man.
1986Miyamae, C.Poelegie II(mundharm., acc.)Man.
1986Miyake, HarunaIchimen Nanohana(mundharm., acc.)Man.
1987Miyake HarunaFutatsu no Ichirinsha(acc., piano)Man.
1987Miyake HarunaAoi Ichirinsha(acc., piano).
1987Takahashi, YujiLe Doble de Paganini(flute ,acc.)(violin, acc.)Man./Huss
1988Mimura Y.On the After Image x(acc., digital delay)Sun.
1988Yoshimatsu, T.Poly-drama: "The Life of Mr. Fractal"(25 voices, piano, perc., acc.).
1992Hosokawa, ToshiyukiSen V(acc., tape)Man.
1992Takahashi, YujiThe Dream Carp(acc., 'cello).

The following data researched by Mr. HIROSHI KAWAGUCHI
Pieces written from 1980 to 1997


(Surname, Given Name)
Title of Piece
(English translation by KATOU Toru)
Accordionist, or
Owner of the Score
198?Aoyama, YoshihisaKaze wa Kawamo wo Watari
(A Wind Blows Over a River)
Aoyama, Yoshihisa
1984Kinoshita, SonkiRenge-batake to Ojizou-san
(Renge-Flower Field and a Little Stone Image of Jizou)
Kinoshita Sonki
1991Satou, SoumeiRECITATIVEMiki, Mie (Ms.)
1994Kinoshita, SonkiKaze no Komori-uta
(A Nursery Song of the Wind)
Kinoshita Sonki
1995?Yanagi, HiroshiKofuu na Rondo
(Rondo in Old Style)
Emori, Noboru
1996?Matsunaga, YujiOkinawa Kumikyoku
(Okinawa Suite)
Matsunaga, Yuji
1996Aoyama, YoshihisaAkohdion Kumikyoku
(Accordion suite)
Aoyama, Yoshihisa
1997Hayashi HikaruKaze no Echuhdo
(Etude of the Wind)
Matsunaga, Yuji


(Surname, Given Name)
Players or Owners of the Score
1997Hayashi, HikaruIntervallo(acc. ensemble)New Ensemble Accorde
1995Ikebe, Shin-itirouThree Etudes(acc. ensemble)New Ensemble Accorde
1996Ito, YasuhideKoten Kumikyoku
(Classic Suite)
(acc., 4 euphoniums).
1996Aoyama, YoshihisaKaze no Yukue
(Where Will the Wind Go?)
(acc., piano)Aoyama, Yoshihisa


(Surname, Given Name)
Player or Owners of the Score
1996Kawaguchi, HiroshiThe White Night/TOHOLAMPI I/II(xlo., acc., orch.)Kawaguchi, Hiroshi

Special thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Chief of Japanese Accordionists Association

Note: Toru Katou teaches at the Division of Culture and the Humanities on the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences at Hiroshima University.

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