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Reviewers Wanted

Are you an educated free-reed aficionado? Do you enjoy listening to new compact discs? Can you write? Are you dependable? Would you like to be a member of The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. staff?

If you answered "yes" to these questions (and you don't have to play like Charles Magnante), please consider writing CD reviews for The Free-Reed Review.

Although we presently have eight reviewers on our staff, sometimes we receive more CDs than we can handle (after all, this is a volunteer job!) and consequently we often have a backlog of CDs. If you are interested in this rewarding (and sometimes taxing) service, please send a letter of application and resume to:

Thomas Fabinski, editor
The Free-Reed Review

Please include your field of specialization, i.e. classical accordion, diatonic accordion, concertina, bandoneon, bayan, harmonica, harmonium, sheng, sho, etc.


The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. Staff

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